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Member Benefits

As a member of CEAA you will benefit from;

  • You become a voice within your Profession
  • Realistic membership fees to encourage all Enforcement Agents to join
  • Regional districts to encourage local involvement
  • Updates on all consultations, new legislation and enforcement news
  • Updates on all General Council Meeting minutes
  • The availability of knowledge shared by experienced members to promote higher standards
  • Sub-Committees to encourage involvement in the decision-making process
  • The availability of providing and using services of other members at competitive commercial rates
  • Notification and reminding of Certificate renewal on the required forms and format
  • Access to Enforcement Agent Bond at a commercial rate
  • Notification of Tenders if Association advised by potential Clients of forthcoming opportunities
  • Training in all aspects of enforcement through nominated providers at discounted rates
  • Provision of Enforcement Bulletins updating on current legislation, consultation and views released by John Kruse
  • Access to Practice Notes by John Kruse at competitive rates
  • Support and advice if a Member receives a General Complaint against their Certificate
  • Proposed Advice Site on Enforcement issues

Mission Statement

To provide a democratic organisation to assist Enforcement Agents and improve their academic, business and practical knowledge through improved training and education. Promoting professional standards of all Agents and gaining recognition of an Enforcement Agent as a professional, whilst progressing the Association towards a professional Institution, improving an understanding of the profession to all.

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Registered in England & Wales 09341836