The Association is to be made up of 5 separate regional subcommittees with the aim of facilitating local knowledge and experience relevant to the area you live and work.

All 5 regions will hold their own meetings and through their elected Chairman will provide the voice and specific needs of Enforcement Agents regardless of where they are located in England and Wales. Telephone conference facilities can be incorporated into its meetings releasing active members from losing a full day to attend meetings.

Whilst the founding Executive and General Council will remain in place for 5 years to see through the establishing of the Association as a body to be listened to by those that use enforcement, it will after 1 year through its 5 regions provide an opportunity for an elected representative within each region to become a General Council Member, who will be active in the decision making process of the Association.

Application for Membership requires selection of the region applied under.

Five Regions

  1. North – Cumbria/Durham/Lancashire/Northumberland/Westmoreland/Yorkshire
  2. Wales
  3. Midlands– Bedfordshire / Cambridgeshire / Huntingdonshire / Leicestershire / Lincolnshire / Norfolk / Northamptonshire / Nottinghamshire / Rutland / Suffolk / Cheshire / Derbyshire / Gloucestershire / Herefordshire / Shropshire / Staffordshire / Warwickshire / Worcestershire
  4. London – South East Home Counties – Berkshire / Buckinghamshire / Essex / Hampshire / Hertfordshire / Kent / London / Middlesex / Oxfordshire / Surrey / Sussex
  5. South West – Cornwall / Devon / Dorset / Somerset / Wiltshire