Member Benefits

As a member of CEAA you will benefit from;

  • You become a voice within your Profession
  • Realistic membership fees to encourage all Enforcement Agents to join
  • Regional districts to encourage local involvement
  • Updates on all consultations, new legislation and enforcement news
  • Updates on all General Council Meeting minutes
  • The availability of knowledge shared by experienced members to promote higher standards
  • Sub-Committees to encourage involvement in the decision making process
  • The availability of providing and using services of other members at competitive commercial rates
  • Notification and reminding of Certificate renewal on the required forms and format
  • Access to Enforcement Agent Bond at commercial rate
  • Notification of Tenders if Association advised by potential Clients of forthcoming opportunities
  • Training in all aspects of enforcement through nominated providers at discounted rates
  • Provision of Enforcement Bulletins updating on current legislation, consultation and views released by John Kruse
  • Access to Practice Notes by John Kruse at competitive rates
  • Support and advice if a Member receives a General Complaint against their Certificate
  • Proposed Advice Site on Enforcement issues