EA Bond

A Certificated Enforcement Agent bond is now available via the CEAA, which is part of the legal requirement prior to becoming an Enforcement Agent.

The bond is available only to CEAA members, who can also obtain cover for legal expenses in respect of EAC2 complaints plus standard legal expense cover.

Further details are available when you Login.


Trainee Enforcement Agent membership of the CEAA which allows access to the bond/insurance

Once you pass your exam and have a court date (email the court notice to membership@ceaa.co.uk) then apply for membership by completing the on-line application form (when completing the membership form give the date for the certificate and bond as the date of the hearing}.

We will then grant you membership so that you can take out a CEAA bond and/or insurance.

You must then supply a copy of your certificate within 7 days of issue.

Membership will be suspended if any of the following takes place; a copy of your certificate is not supplied, the court refuses your certificate or a CEAA bond and or insurance is not taken out.

Your membership fee will not be refundable under these circumstances.